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The Water Sommelier

The term “Sommelier”, most commonly described as a restaurant professional working with wines. In recent times, is used by extension for sake, tea and water.

“The Water Sommelier” then, is one who is knowledgeable about the properties of water and how water is supposed to taste, using one’s expertise and education about the source, minerals, country regulations, consumer trends and bottling processes.

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Awarded as the ‘Best Sparkling Water in the World’, Harrogate is recognised not only for its exceptional mineral balance and purity, but also for its distinctive, classically British style.


The Quality of Hildon comes from over 50 years of natural filtration through the chalk hills of the Test Valley, deep in the Hampshire countryside.


In Lofoten you can still drink pure, unpolluted fresh water directly from mountain lakes, like those living there thousands of years ago once did and the local inhabitants still do.

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